Friday, 18 September 2015

Letter from the Greens Committee re: Fall Course Improvements

Letter from the Greens Committee

Re:  2015 Course Improvements

To Members and Golfers,

The Greens Committee is pleased to announce that the Mill Run Board of Directors has committed to improving the golf course this fall with improvements to 10 greenside bunker complexes and the moving of 3 Grist Tee as per the Master Plan. 

The Board of Directors approved the course improvements at its Board Meeting on Monday September 14th.  The approval consisted of a project budget and schedule for the Turf Department.

All golf course work is a challenging balance between getting work done and not disrupting play.  The Turf Department is committed to working efficiently and effectively to avoid any unnecessary disruption to play this fall but still getting the work completed.  The schedule is aggressive but if the weather is good the Turf Department is hoping to complete all course improvements approved by the Board this fall.

All projects will be completed using techniques and materials to have the course back open within the fastest time possible.  You may see small signs of construction in the spring 2016 like bunker boards and GUR areas as the sod takes time to root and strengthen before opening for play.  The plan is to have all major work done this fall.  This of course is weather dependent but the latest opening would be June 1st, 2016 with a goal for all areas being open for play by the May long weekend if possible. 

Please follow the Communications Board in the golf shop for schedule of projects, design drawings and construction photos showing the progress. 

You can also follow the progress through our Turf Department blog, Twitter, our website and Facebook page.

We want to thank everyone in advance for your patience as we work towards improving your course.

Tom Galand,                                                 Rod Speake,
Greens Committee Chair                                  Course Superintendent

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Winter Coming to a close?

Well it looks like we finally may be out of the cold and heading into some warmer weather.

Course Conditions

We have been monitoring the golf course over the last couple of months and everything looks good as of the week of March 9th.  We have a lot of snow cover with some patchy areas of ice but when we broke up the ice and looked underneath the grass looked good. Now we won't know for sure until we get a full melt but greens look to be in good shape.

Here are some photos of what we saw:

5 Grist Green

5 Grist Green
5 Grist Green

5 Grist Green

8 Wheel Green

8 Wheel Green

6 Wheel Green

6 Wheel Green

2 Grist Green

2 Grist Green

8 Grist Green

8 Grist Green

Shop Redesign

The guys have been busy in the shop this winter getting the equipment and course supplies ready for the 2016 golf season.  We also did a small shop improvement or redesign of our equipment managers bay.  It included rearranging benches and shelves to allow Eric to be more efficient.  Eric painted the floor in his bay which really brightened up his work space and will keep the dust down.  Still lots of work to do before opening but we are on schedule and looking forward to getting back out on the course soon.  Below are some photos from this winter.

Hope everyone had a great winter, look forward to seeing everyone out on the course soon.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Turf Staff hitting it's stride now

This has been one of the craziest springs I have ever seen in my 20+ years in the golf industry. Well I don't even know if we can say we had a spring.

There is always that learning curve to the start of the season.  For new employee's it's learning an entirly new job and for the returning staff it's familiarizing themselves again with the job after being off for the winter.  All staff have now either been retrained or have been trained for the first time on jobs and are now in the stage of perfecting each job.  What the turf staff do on a daily basis is far from just cutting grass, there is so much more to maintaining a golf course.  The attention to detail and all the small details of the job is so important to providing a great conditioned golf course for you the golfer.

I am very impressed with the turf staff of 2014.  Each and every staff member has shown a very strong work ethic and a great willingness to learn.   I am very excited to see what the rest of the summer brings, it has been a great start so far the course can only get better from here.

Mill Run Golf Club has adopted an Employee of the Month as part of our Service of Excellence program.  I am pleased to announce Don Davis as our first Employee of the Month for 2014 and the May winner.  

Don has been with the turf department for 4 seasons now and has done a great job for us in that time, we are very excited to have him return for his 5th season.  Don's main job in the turf department is cutting the rough around greens and tees but Don has also been known to cut some mean fairway lines.  Congratulations Don!

Don hard at work in his office
The course is in great shape, the entire turf department staff looks forward to seeing you out on the course this summer.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Greens Aerification one week later

The greens are looking great one week after they were aerified.  They have been cut and rolled several times over the last week and most of the sand is now gone on the greens which will help us keep mowers sharp. This will improve the quality of cut which will improve green smoothness and green speed.

We will be in great shape for the weekend.

7 Grist Green

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Greens Aerification

The necessary evil of aerification is upon us again for another season.  Below is a photo gallery of our process here at Mill Run.  When we created this process the goal was to maximize the benefits of aerification but not forgetting that we needed to get the greens back to good playable conditions as quickly as possible.

Aerification Begins
We have a sharing program set up with
Cedar Brae Golf and Country Club to allow us to have two
aerifiers during this week which really speeds up
this part of the process

We then Mat the cores to break off the soil from
the grass top, we then blow the grass tops off the green
leaving just the sand behind to fill the holes

After the grass tops are removed we then brush the sand
back into the holes

We then blow off the green again removing any excess sand
from the surface.  The grass tops are removed by hand after they
are blown off into the rough.

We then roll the green to smooth out the surface, we double
roll each green

After rolling we overseed the entire green surface with bentgrass

The final step is to water the green to knock in the seed and sand

Over the next couple of days we will cut and fertilize the greens.  Over the next week the holes will start to vanish and every day the green will get smoother.  Within a week the greens should be back to almost normal.

Aerification is always a small pain for long term gain.  

Monday, 5 May 2014

Mill Run Member Volunteers

I would like to thank all the members that came out and helped with some course maintenance this spring. These guys did a great job topping up fairway divots, taking out sand trap rakes and picking up sticks for us. This was a huge help to the turf crew, it allowed us to focus on other areas that needed to be prepped for opening. 

Thanks again guys, great job.

Below are some photos of the guys hard at work: